Voting for special club budget for new CL manual

Our tresurer Bill proposed

SVJETS purchase for all members (who pay their April 2006 dues and who were members at 2005 year end) the new Competent Leader manual at a cost of $6 per manual. I understand that all new members joining in 2006 will receive this manual as part of their new membership materials at no additional charge.


  • Naoki (internet voting)
  • Shinji (internet voting)
  • Bill (2006-02-16 meeting)
  • Kaz (2006-02-16 meeting)
  • Chris (2006-02-16 meeting)
  • Ly (2006-02-16 meeting)
  • Naoko (2006-02-16 meeting)
  • Katoko (2006-02-16 meeting)
  • Yuko (2006-02-16 meeting)