Active Listening Workshop Tues June 6 7PM-9PM

Active Listening Workshop

Come and have fun improving your active listening skills.Learn how to improve your communication skills and interpersonal relationships by attending this interactive learning experience.

When: Tuesday, June 6, 7-9 PM.

Where: Adobe Systems, Inc.
345 Park Ave, San Jose, CA

Tower 2F: Alexa conference room
Contact person in Adobe: Naoki Hada 408-536-3692(work) or 408-802-4090 (mobile)

Katoko Sax & Bill Wells

All participants will receive a Certificate of Completion testifying to their newly acquired skills.Cost: Free to all who want to improve themselves.Sponsor: SVJETS Toastmasters International Club #7998

RSVP: Please confirm to Naoki Hada (408-536-3692) to ensure your free inside parking privileges.

Attend (from SVJETS): Katoko Sax, Bill Wells, Naoki Hada, Kyoko Ii, Greg Etemad, Fumie Piontkowski, Reiko Peabody
Guests: Didi Gu-Chiang (NextStep club), Felicia Fan (Altera Corp), Edmund Lam (Cisco), Angie Koay (Altera Innovator), Yasser Khan (Adobe Fontificator), Murali Kuchipudi (Altera Innovator), Preminder Singh (Altera Innovator), Farah Gharaei (Adobe Fontificators)


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