SVJETS BBQ Party on Sat. June 16, 2007

Time: 3:00 p.m. BBQ
5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Special Speech Session at the Club House
Location: Cherry Orchard, Sunnyvale

Please sign up!

Toastmaster: Kyoko
Thought of the Day: Yuko
General Evaluator: Naoko
Timer: Mayumi
Grammarian: Greg
Ah Counter: Noriko
Speaker #1: Kaz “Look Into Scenes You Don’t Want To Face”
Non-manual speech 5-7 min.
Speaker#2: Chase “Are You Sure You Want To Sell Your Home Yourself?”
Project #2 “Conquering the Cold Call” 10-14 min.
Speaker#3: Shu, “All Good Things Come To An End”
Non-manual speech 4 min.
Evaluator #1: Cam
Evaluator #2:
Evaluator #3: Rumiko
Table Topic Master:

(Members)Chales & Grace & Baron & Grace’s mother, Shu & Kimi, Kyoko, Kaz Utsumi, Greg, Chase, Yuko, Mayumi, Noriko, Cam, Rumiko, Yangfang & Fred, Kei

(Guests)Nobuhiro, Alexey, Takashi, Marc & Blythe, Yuko Okuyama, Junko, Elias, Joe, Shu’s friends (5-10 persons), Kenji, Yasuko & mother(maybe),

Total:37-43 people (as of June 14)

BBQ stuff (meat, seafood, etc) – Yuko & Mayumi
Some BBQ-flavored meat – Takashi
Egg plant with bread (appetizer) – Greg
Marinated Mozzarella Salad (appetizer) – Kyoko
Salad – Chase
Pizza – Kaz
Paella – Nobuhiro

Some sweets – Kei (maybe late)

Rice Balls- Rumiko

Sidedish – Asian Pasta – Noriko

Fruits: Yuko
wine: rose-Kyoko, Rumiko
Beer: Alexey, Marc & Blythe,
Sparkling water:
Ciders: 2 bottles-Kyoko,

Kyoko will bring the following:
Forks, spoons, knives
Paper towels
Aluminum foil
Plastic foil
Gabage bags
One midium size cooler box.

cooler box – cam

Absent: Naoki


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