“End of the year” Potluck Party 12/20

Date: 12/20/07 (Thursday), Time: 7:00-10:30 PM,Place: @Kaz’s house (794 Colleen Dr San Jose, 95123 and Decorated with BLUE lights); Parking: up to 20 cars are okayParticipants: (up to 20 -25)

Members and their spouses/friends, PREREGISTRATION REQUIRED 1. Mayumi, 2. Kei (?), 3. Katoko (?), 4. Nobu (1), 5. Yuko 6. Kaz (2), 7. Chase (?), 8.Denet (the guest speaker for our evaluation contest) 9. Greg(?), 10. Shu(?)、11. Naoki Hada, 12. Koichi(?) 13. Takashi Sato(guest invited by Mayumi)、14. Rumiko, 15. Rumiko-san’s husband? 16. Cam, 17. Noriko,

TM Program: 7:00PM

Toastmasters: Naoki

Open Table Topic Master: Mayumi

Pot Luck Dinner:7.30 PM

Speech and Evaluation Program: 8:15 to 9:00PM

Speech: Free Speech and/or Manual Speech, 5-7minutes

Speaker #1 (Eng): Nobu Evaluator #1: Visual Aid: Title: Magic with rice cooker

Speaker #2 (Eng) : Kei  Title “Let’s make Programs”, (Project #3 The nontechnical Audience of manual Technical Presentations) Evaluator #2:

Speaker #3 (Jap) : Kaz Utsumi, My Recent Trip to Japan, Evaluator #3:

Speaker #4 (Eng) Chase Evaluator #4:

Speaker #5 (Eng) Koichi(Ice breaker) Evaluator #5:

Entertainment: 9:00PM to 10:30PM, Karaoke, Disco


Food and Drink Coordinator: Yuko

1. Plate+Folk+Cups+X’mas Napkins+Chopsticks (I have spoon and large bowls) : Yuko

2. Appetizer: Yuko (Crackers+Dips, meatballs with cranberry sauce)

3. Salad: Chase, Cam and Noriko

4. Main Dish: Katoko: ??, Kaz:Teriyaki, Rumiko: Pizza, Nobu: Sam-ge-tan Sushi: Club will provide will be ordered from Masa Sushi@mountain view, Naoki Hada: Rice Ball (organic akitakomachi )

5. Drink: Wine: Kei (3-4 bottles), Nihonshu: Cam and Noriko

6. Drink: Non Alcoholic – Greg (Jamaican Ginger Ale), Hadaseicha green tea

7. Desert: Mayumi: Sweet potato pie,  Kaz:Fruits-Persimon, Nobu: Cheese cake

Meeting Minutes: We successfully had a wonderful year-end party at Kaz’s place thanks to his family’s hospitality!!  Kaz’s wife, Kusuko, and his son, Teruo joined the meeting.  We also had several guests, Mr. Hiroshi Imanaka (Rumiko’s hubby!!!), Denet (Toastmaster president at Cisco) and Mr. Takashi Sato.  Mr. Sato made a comment at the end of the meeting that he will consider being a member and we are looking forward to having him.

We started the meeting with table topics managed by Mayumi.  The topics were gathered from members who attended that night.

Katoko was in charge  of grace and toast of the day.  She shared her memories of  Bill Wells.  His passing was a great loss to our family, SVJETS.   Thanks to his dedication we are what we are and we will always remember him.  It is little personal info, but the reason why I am updating you with what happened in the last meeting because this was one of the suggestions he made when we had a first officer’s meeting back in August, 2007.  I will do my best to keep it up.  

We had four speakers for the main session managed successfully by Master of Toastmaster, Naoki!  Nobu showed a ‘magic’ of his special tool….Rice cooker!  Nobu made three or four dishes (it went so fast, so I cannot remember exactly) with the ‘magic’.  Kei encourage us, who are non-engineering audience that we are programming in our daily life without realizing it.  It is very encouraging especially for a person like me, who is not a technical person.  Kaz shared his precious memory of his Japan trip.   He showed beautiful autumn pictures of Japan.  Chase was not planning to speak in front of us prior to this day, but he gave us great pointers how to stay fit and healthy like him!  Last but not least, Koichi made his first speech in our club, ice breaker.  He did a great job!  I personally cannot believe it was his first speech.  Now, we know he is tall but it is not because of he drinks milk (this is one of Japanese myths that if you drink milk in your childhood, it helps you to be tall…).

We also had great dishes from everybody who joined the meeting on that day!  I hope we can continue our tradition to have a pot-luck end-of-the-year meeting to celebrate a great year we had and ahead of us!!!  Hope you all had a great holiday season!!


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