Officer Resource: When a new member join

I. When a new member join.

1. Register his/her name to our club through official TM site (by treasure)

Application form and check should be hand over to treasure  login (club Number: 7998)-> go to "Submit application and dues/fees for my club’s new Member(s)"

2. Include his/her name to our Yahoo! mailing list (by VP of membership)>Invite people to join)

3. Provide “how to create WP account” info, which is also available in svjets. org (by VP of membership)

How to edit agenda page (Only member)

1. Sign up WordPress
2. Activate your account followed by email
3. Let Naoki Hada know your email address.

4. Assign a mentor (by VP of Education), encourage and support to make an ice breaker speech

II. When a member receive CC/ATM award

1. Order a badge (by VP of education) before completing the final speech

2. Apply and submit for an award for a member through the official TM site

Login (Club #:7998) -> go to ” Apply for educational award(s) for my club members”


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