2008-07-17 Agenda

  • Absent: Takashi-san, Shu
  • Guests: Akemi-san (Mayumi’s guest, she will come late and officially join the club tonight!), Mochiduki-san
  • Note: The 1st meeting of August, Chase to make a speech! (promised)


  • 19:00-20:00 Japanese
    • Toastmaster: Kei
    • Thought of the Day: Kaz Utsumi
    • General Evaluator: Mayumi
    • Timer: Hiroshi
    • Grammarian: Kaz Utsumi
    • Ah Counter: Sab
  • Speaker #1: Kaz Kushida
    • Project: #5
    • Manual:
    • Title:
    • Time: 5-7min
    • Evaluator #2: Hiroshi
  • Speaker #2:
    • Project:
    • Manual:
    • Title:
    • Time:
    • Evaluator #2:
  • Speaker #3: Naoki Hada
    • Project: Your body speaks
    • Manual: Basic
    • Title: Venetian Plaster
    • Time: 5-7 min
    • Evaluator #3: Kaz Utsumi
  • Table Topics Master:


  • 20:00-21:00 English
    • Toastmaster: Naoki
    • Joke Master & Laugh Counter: Kaz Utsumi
    • General Evaluator: Kei
    • Timer: Mayumi
    • Grammarian: Kaz Kushida
    • Ah Counter: Akemi
  • Speaker #1: Hiroshi
    • Project: #7 Research your topic
    • Manual: Competent communications
    • Title: How to win at roulette
    • Time: 5-7 min
    • Evaluator #1: Katoko
  • Speaker #2: Sab Robinson
    • Project: #1 Ice Breaker
    • Manual:Competent communications
    • Title: Who is Sab
    • Time: 5-7 min
    • Evaluator #2: Yuko
  • Speaker #3:
    • Project:
    • Manual:
    • Title:
    • Time: 5-7 min
    • Evaluator #3:
  • Speaker # X:
    • Project:
    • Manual:
    • Title:
    • Time: 5-7 min
    • Evaluator #3:
  • Table Topic Master:

July 17th Meeting Minutes 7/17/08




Thought of the day (Kazu Utusmi)

“つまらないものですが と くだらないものですが”


Speech #1: 2008 オリンピック で テコンドーの楽しみ方

Speaker: Kaz Kushida

  • テコンドー の歴史 History of teakwondo
  • ルールの説明 Rules
  • オリンピックでの見所 What to look for in Olympics


Speech #2: ベニシァン プラスター Venetian Plaster

Speaker: Naoki Hada  

  • ベニシァン プラスターを使いたかった やっと使える機会が来た Always wanted Venetian Plaster on wall but couldn’t because I  was renting but now that I own my home decided to give it a try.
  • チャレンジしていろいろ習いましたTried DIY with plaster learned many lessons like

いいステンレスの道具を使うことuse a nice stainless tool

練習が必要It takes practice,

インタネットで紹介された角度はあんまりうまくいかない。The angles posted on internet on the  Venetian plaster don’t work out that well.


——————Table Topics (日本語)——————–


Table topic Question:ガソリンが結構高くなってますけどどう対称してますか?Gas is expensive what are you doing to save on gas?


Youkosan: Caltrainで通勤してます。慣れてきてあんまり運転したくなくなりました。Taking Caltrain to work.. getting very used to it.. almost don’t want to bother driving any more


Yoshi: 仕事場まで歩いています。walking to Work


Katoko: 交通機関を使って空港とかに行ってます。もしガソリンがヨーロッパアみたいに高ければ多分消費を抑えるだろう。Taking public transportation to air port and such. Would help if gas was as expensive as it is in Europe




Speech #3: How to win at roulette ルーレットで勝つ法方

Speaker: Hiroshi

·        How to bet in Roulette お金の賭け方

·        Research on different strategy 賭け方の研究

·        Manga: Kousaku Shima system of betting! まんが:島耕作の賭けかたを使います!


Speaker #4: Who is Sab さぶはだれ?

·        Who is Sab?  さぶはだれ?

·        Lived in Japan while working for Numi ヌミで働いていた時に日本にすんでました

·        Likes Japanese, Cars, and taking pictures 趣味は日本語、車、写真撮りです。


——————Table Topics (English)——————–


Q: Which Teacher had the greatest impact on you? どの先生があなたに一番インパクトを与えましたか?

Mayumi: English professor in japan was horrible, and that motivated me to try to come to US and learn for myself. Also when my daughter went to middle school in japan the English teacher never called on her because he was worried about her having better pronunciation. I think all native speakers should go teach in Japan. 私の大学の英語の教授はすごくひどかったのでこちらに来て英語を習うことにしました。また私の娘が日本の中学に行った時英語の先生は彼女にぜんぜん英語で話そうとしませんでした。私はネーテブスピーカはみんな日本に行き英語を教えるべきだと思います。


Q: if you had to pick a man of the year who would it be? もし今年の一番の人を選ばなけえばならない場合はだれを選びますか?


Kei: Bret Farb because he says he will retire every year but still manages to play well and avoid retirement Bret Farbを選びます。毎年もう退職すると言いつつ毎年試合に出場してるから。


Q: If you could record a scene of your life and play it back when would it be? もし人生のいつの時期でも録画できたらいつを録画して再生しますか?


Sab: My whole time I was in Japan . 日本に居た時


Q: What unusual food have you ever eaten? 一番変な食べたものは?


Kaz Utusmi: I had Beef and shitake and tsukemono today. I eat simple thing that is my policy!  私は今日牛と椎茸と漬物を食べました。私はシンプルな物しか食べないポレシイなので。


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