2008-10-16 Agenda

  • Absent: Jr, Kaz (出張中), Yukiko, Akemi, Sab, Takashi
  • Guests: Bradley Mayer


  • 19:00-20:00 Japanese
    • Toastmaster: Mayumi
    • Thought of the Day: Mayumi
    • General Evaluator: Hiroshi
    • Timer: Jun
    • Grammarian: Kaz
    • Ah Counter: Jun
  • Speaker #1: Naoki Hada
    • Project: #10
    • Manual: Basic
    • Title: インスピレーションを高める方法(チャネリングの方法)
    • Time: 8-10 min
    • Evaluator #1:Kei
  • Speaker #2:
    • Project:
    • Manual:
    • Title:
    • Time: – minutes
    • Evaluator #2:
  • Speaker #3:
    • Project:
    • Manual:
    • Title:
    • Time:
    • Evaluator #3:
  • Table Topic Master:


  • 20:00-21:00 English
    • Toastmaster: Naoki Hada
    • General Evaluator:
    • Timer: Hiroshi
    • Grammarian: Mayumi
    • Ah Counter: Hiroshi
  • Speaker #1: Kei
    • Project: #2: The Technical Speech
    • Manual: Speeches by Management
    • Title:Plagiarism:
    • Time: 8 – 10 Minutes
    • Evaluator #1:Jun
  • Speaker #2:  Kaz
    • Project: #2
    • Manual:Speak to inform
    • Title: California Initiatives
    • Time: 5-7 min
    • Evaluator #2:Kei
  • Speaker #3:Chase
    • Project:
    • Manual:
    • Title: What is leadership?
    • Time: 5-7 min
    • Evaluator #3:Kaz
  • Table Topic Master:

One thought on “2008-10-16 Agenda

  1. Memo for Oct.16th

    ** Japanese session ***

    * Thought of the Day by Mayumi
    Financial Crisis. How do you react.
    近頃の金融危機。 金融危機をもろともせず、最近おうちを買ったまゆみさん。 金融危機を感情面から捉えた話をしていただきました。

     お家を買ったばかりなのに、もっと下がったらどうしよう。 お仕事はあるのかしら 等々、不安になる事ばかり。



    * Speech
    #1 ”Inspiration、Channeling ” by Naoki


    猫だって、死んだ人だって、植物、太陽、あらゆるものと話ができる。 ちゃんと他の人、物の話声が聞こえてくる。

    植物相手に練習する。 質問してみる、そして回答を聞く。 植物以外の人が話しかけてきたら、名前と電話番号を聞く。



    ** English Session

    * Speech
    #1 ”Plagiarism” by Kei

    Plagiarism is one of the biggest problem of Internet, especially in College.
    Many students make their report by just copying and pasting phrases from internet.
    That’s plagiarism.
    That is not only stealing the copyrights, but also students don’t think about the topic,

    However, some tools are available to identify if it’s plagiarism or not.
    If you’re a student, be careful to do plagiarism. Teachers will know with these tools.
    If you’re a teacher, the tool is available to check easily.

    #2 “California Initiative” by Kaz Utsumi
    California Initiative was started at 1911.
    Many other states have similar one.

    There are many propositions in California.
    Proposition1 High Speed railway bond
    Proposition2 Confining farm animals
    Proposition3 Children hospital bond
    Proposition4 Parental abortion

    Every time when voting, those propositions are the key for voting.
    More discussion was taken at table topic.

    #3 “What is leadership” by Chase
    Principle of leadership.
    Based on the book “On a becoming a leader”.

    With a demonstration, pushing a piece of string, pulling a piece of string.
    Push people doesn’t work. Pull/Lead people is only way to work.

    What is leadership, what leader has.
    Having a vision for the future.
    Ability to inspire people
    Ability to motivate people
    Ability to pursuade people
    and so on.

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