12/18/2008 Agenda

  • Absent: Akemi
  • Guests: Makoto & Sayoko Hokazono


  • 19:00-20:00 Japanese
    • Toastmaster: Jun
    • Thought of the Day:
    • General Evaluator: Katoko
    • Timer: Mayumi
    • Grammarian: Hiroshi
    • Ah Counter: Sab
  • Speaker #1: Cam
    • Project: #7 – Research Your Topic
    • Manual: Competent Communicator
    • Title: 日本の出生率
    • Time:  5-7 min
    • Evaluator #1: Kazunori
  • Speaker #2:
    • Project:
    • Manual:
    • Title:
    • Time: – minutes
    • Evaluator #2:
  • Speaker #3:Naoki Hada
    • Project: #8 Visual Aids
    • Manual: Basic
    • Title: How to organize personal data 2009 – 20000 photos, 2500 contact list, business schedules & life balance
    • Time: 5-7  min
    • Evaluator #3:Sab
  • Table Topic Master:


  • 20:00-21:00 English
    • Toastmaster: Master Kaz
    • Joke: Katoko
    • General Evaluator: Chase
    • Timer: Kei
    • Grammarian: Cam
    • Ah Counter: Hiroshi
  • Speaker #1: Mayumi
    • Project: #1 Speech to Inform
    • Manual: Speaking to Inform
    • Title: Thinking intuitively
    • Time: 5-7 min
    • Evaluator #1: Jun
  • Speaker #2: Sab
    • Project: #
    • Manual:
    • Title:
    • Time:
    • Evaluator #2: Naoki Hada
  • Speaker #3:
    • Project:
    • Manual: #
    • Title:
    • Time: – min
    • Evaluator #3:
  • Table Topic Master:


—————December 18th Meeting Minutes 12/18/08—————

Guest : Mr & Mrs Hokazono




Speech #1: 日本の出産率

Speaker: Cam-san

·        ベトナムに行った時に子供出産に対する文化違いを感じる。Culteral difference with respect to having kids compared to here and Vietnam

·        Japan’s Birthrate 日本の出産率 とほかの国と比

·        Why is it going down? なぜ低迷してるのか?

o       Education rate high 教育率が高い

o       More people making career more important キヤリヤの方を家族作りより優先してる人が多い

o       Things are expensive 物価が高い

·        Birthrate merits 出産率 を上げるメリツト

o       Economic Growth 経済成長

o       Societal Stability 社会安定

o       Not immigrant friendly 日本は移民者向けではない

Speech #2: How to organize personal data 2009 – 20000 photos, 2500 contact list,   business schedules & life balance

Speaker: Naoki -san

  • E-mail use Gmail Eメール はGmail
  • Time use google calendar 時間かんりにGoogleCalendar
  • Money  お金
    • consolidate into one credit card and down load data to quicken or MS Money カードは1枚にしてデータはQuickenまたはMS Money使って分析
    • Start a tax deduction diary 税金日記を税金対策に
  • Pictures use Adobe Flex 写真はAdobe Flex


——————Table Topics (Japanese)——————–


Kaz san – The Japanese priminitser is quoted as saying the current economic crisis is the worst economic storm that happens once in a 100 years. What do you think? 日本の総理大臣はこの経済不況を100年に一度の災難といいました。あなたはどう思いますか?


Hiroshi San – I think it can be bad but its because our expectation s were inflated and we expected numbers based off of those numbers that we lost site what the real values were. 私はこれから悪化すると思います。でもこれは我々の期待があまりにも上がりすぎたからだとおもいます。


Kaz san – The world economic trouble is said to top 10^16 Yen. What do you think of that? 世界の価値が1京円消えました。それをどうおもいますか?


Guest Okazuma-san – I am an engineer and I am used to dealing with number in log scale however when I put it in context with money and thinkof the suffering this money will cause it’s a little worrisome. 私はエンジニアなのでこれだけの数字は見慣れていますけどこれがお金である事でちょっと数字の感覚が変わりました。このお金の消滅でどれだけの人が苦しむか考えるとちょつと心配です。


Kaz san – What do you think of the GM situation? GMの事どう思いますか?


Katoko-san I don’t really know the root cause so I really can’t comment but the size of the industry is so big so I think we need to take action. But it can’t just give money to the industry. We need to monitor it closely. I blame loose regulations of the previous administration. 私はこの問題の元を知らないのであんまりコメントできませんがこの企業があまりにも大きいのでなんらかの援助は必要だと思います。だけどただお金をあげるだけでは問題だと思います。GMをよく見張ってなくてはなりません。そして私は前政権の軽々しい規制のせいにしてます。 



Joke of the Day: With all this economic turmoil there are a lot of jobs opening up for people in the financial industry for example:


Hedgefund managers can clip hedges in yards!

Stock pickers can pick strawberries locally!


Speech #3: Thinking Intuitivelyeme saying “he club

Speaker: Mayumi – san

·        What is intuition ? 感てなに?

o       Inspiration comes from the depth of mind 感は心奥からきます。

·        Opposite of intuition? 感の反対は?

o       Thining in work, planning, etc 仕事でよく考えこんでしまいます。

o       Women have a harder time with intuition because we think of so many things at once 女の人は頭の中でいろんな事考えてるので感がさえにくい

·        Conciousness vs Subconscious 意識 vs潜在脳力 

·         To enhance conciousness 意識を強め方

o       forget strategy 戦略は忘れろ

o       meditate 瞑想 しましょう

o       do Martial arts  武道とかをする

o       write down inspiration 直感などを書く。


Speech #4: Sightseeing inside body of a cell

Speaker #4:  Sab –san

·        3d view of cell and explenation of each part 細胞の構造説明 

·        description of technique used to “dye” cell parts 細胞の色塗り方

·        Actual photos of various parts 細胞の写真

o       Mitocondria ミトコンドリヤ の写真

o       DNA  DNAの写真

o       Cell walls 細胞壁の写真



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