Dec-13 X’mas Party at Kaz’s place.

Place: Kaz Utsumi’s house  794 Colleen Dr.  San Jose

Time: 4:30pm-11:00pm

  • Toastmaster: Naoki
  • Thought of the day: OPEN
  • Speaker English: Sab
  • Evaluator English: OPEN
  • Speaker Japanese : Kaz Kushida
  • Evaluator Japanese: OPEN
  • Table Topic Master: Open
  • Timer: OPEN
  • Ah Counter: OPEN
  • Entertanment Director: Kaz Utsumi


Attending (include your guest), food/drink to bring

  • Kaz Utsumi(2), beef and chicken Teriyaki BBQ style
  • Naoki, Jeanette, Aislee
  • Hiroshi
  • Jun
  • Jr.Kaz 湯布院のお酒
  • Sab
  • Kei +1 Cake?
  • Dr Ken Fujinaka (wife: Ikuko)

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