2009/02/19 Meeting Agenda

  • Absent:
  • Guests: Makoto Hokazono


  • 19:00-20:00 Japanese
    • Toastmaster: Kei
    • Thought of the Day: Kaz Utsumi
    • General Evaluator: Takashi
    • Timer: Kazunori
    • Grammarian: Mayumi
    • Ah Counter: Akemi
  • Speaker #1:
    • Project:
    • Manual:
    • Title:
    • Time:  - - min
    • Evaluator #1:
  • Speaker #2: Jun
    • Project:
    • Manual:
    • Title: 現地妻 vs 駐在員妻
    • Time: 5-7  minutes
    • Evaluator #2: Takashi
  • Speaker #3:Naoki Hada
    • Project: #9 Persuade with Power
    • Manual: Basic
    • Title: Get CL in 1 year
    • Time: 5-7  min
    • Evaluator #3: Kei
  • Table Topic Master: Kaz U.


  • 20:00-21:00 English
    • Toastmaster: Kaz U.
    • Joke:
    • General Evaluator: Kei
    • Timer: Naoki (CL manual)
    • Grammarian:Jun
    • Ah Counter:Mayumi
  • Speaker #1: Akemi
    • Project:
    • Manual:
    • Title: National Pastime in the US
    • Time:   min
    • Evaluator #1: Takashi
  • Speaker #2: Kaz K.
    • Project:
    • Manual:
    • Title: You know you’ve been in Japan too long when…..
    • Time: 5-7
    • Evaluator #2: Kaz U
  • Speaker #3: Cam Danh
    • Project:
    • Manual: #
    • Title:
    • Time: – min
    • Evaluator #3:
  • Table Topic Master:


Minutes from Feb 19th 2009


Guest: Makoto Hokazono

            Mrs. Kojima

            Mrs. Silvia

—-Japanese Session—————————————-

Though of the Day: Erosion of trust 信頼浸食


Trust and banking go hand in hand. I feel that we have not seen the end of this erosion of trust. But wit this Club we can count on each other and trust each other.信用と金融は共にあってこそ成り立つのです。でも私はこれから先さらなる信頼浸食を目にすると思います。このクラブでは共に信用し合い頼り合いこの先進みましょう。


Speech #1: 現地妻 vs 駐在員妻

Speaker: Jun –san


         Intro and explaining / bounding the definition of each type 現地妻駐在員妻の単語範囲設定

         Definition of Genchi Tsuma 現地妻の特徴

§         Shops at Costco コスコで買い物をする

§         Is good at knowing how to get citizenship 永住移民権の取り方を熟している

§         Has many different friends from different back grounds いろんな人と友達である。

§         Children is #1 子供が一番の心配

         Definition of Chu tsuma 駐妻の特徴

§         Shops at whole foods ホルーフウドで買い物をする

§         If they have kids concerned of how their child will re-intergrate into Japanese school system 子供がいればどうその子が日本の学門システムに再入学できるかが気になる

§         Doesn’t like to use English even when presented opportunity to do so英語を使う機会が会ってもあんまり使わない

§         Likes bran name itemsブランド物を好む

         Why Difference? この違いは何故?

§         Difference in long term goals 違いは長期目標?

§         Offsite reward system to blame?  海外生活援助のせい?

         Offsite reward system 海外生活援助

§         Must be elite to go overseas エリートでないと海外に派遣されない

§         Company helps out financially 会社が経済援助する

§         Before taxes benefits may add upto about an additional $40k per year 税金前だと給料に四万ドル+になる

         Conclusion 結論

§         Chu-tsuma may feel privileged because of financial aid 駐妻はこの援助でもっと裕福に過ごしてるのでは?

§         So maybe good to reduce aid to help integrate chuzuma into US society だから援助をもう少し減らしたら駐妻アメリカ社会によりよく溶け込むのでは?

Speech#2: Get CL in 1 year CLを一年で完成


Speaker: Naoki –san

         Explanation of CL upgrade path CL系の経路の説明

         Its not too hard when you look at it そう難しくないかも

         Looking at each chapter’s requirement CL系の目標・科目の拝見


Table Topics : Kaz Utsumi-san


Q: What do you think of the term “Ara40”? あら40をどう思いますか?

Mayumi-san: Ara 40 is around 40? It most be a pop culture phrase usually its easy for people but people not in the know don’t know what ara 40 means so it can be difficult あら40はあろうんど40の事ですか?知ってるひとはこう言った流行語使いやすですけど知らない人には難しいです。


Q:What about Ara20? あら20は?

Takashi-san: area20 or ara hatachi sounds like its too trendy.. I don’t  think it will stay.あら20は流行ぽっすぎる。あんまり長続きしないと思う。


Q:What about ara-70?  あら70は?

Makoto-san: ara-70 hear of the word I thought it was about selebu. I feel I don’t keep tarck of my age so I feel that this does not reflect what is ahead. あら70を聞いた時セレブと思いました。私は自分の年を気にしないのでこのあら70はこの先の事をあんまりよく表現しないと思います。


Q:What about Ara-30?  あら30は?

Kojima-san: I heard the term and I think its ok. When I 1st heard about it I thought it was a fish or something. I think the ara can also stand for “new”. 私はその言葉を聞いていい言葉だと思います。最初聞いた時魚の事と思いました。でもあらは新たしいの事ではないのでは?


—————English Session————————————–


Speech #3 : Vegetarianisms ベジタリアン

Speaker #3: Akemi-san


o       Different types of vegetarian ベジタリアンの流派

o       Health benefits 健康利益

o       Ethics – animal rights 動物の権利

o       Food concerns 食の安全問題

§         E. Coli O-157

§         Avian influenza 鳥インフルエンザ

§         Foot and mouth disease sheep 口蹄疫

o       Environmental issues 環境問題

o       Economics of vegetarianism ベジタリアンの経済効果


Speech #4: You Know you’ve been in Japan too long when… 日本に長く居ると。。。

Speaker #4 Kaz kushida -san


o       Introduction to “You know you’ve been in Japan too long when….” イントロ日本に長く居ると。。。

o       You know you been in Japan too long when… you say a green light is blue 日本に長く居ると。。。信号を緑ではなく青いと言う。

o       You know you been in Japan too long when… Vermont curry and Georgia coffee make perfect sense 日本に長く居ると。。。バーモントーカレーやジョジヤ コーヒーがなんとなく納得してくる

o       You know you been in Japan too long when …you answer the phone and start bowing to the person on the other side of the phone line.  日本に長く居ると。。。電話で話す時にペコペコ頭をさげる。

o       You know you been in Japan too long when…you say your hobbies are “dorimu”(driving) and “eiga kansnshou” (watching movies)  日本に長く居ると。。。趣味が映画鑑賞やドライブと言う。

o       Conclusion: Just want to stress that the little cultural difference are the spice of life. 結論 ちょつとした文化の違いでも人生のちょつとした香辛料になる。










4 thoughts on “2009/02/19 Meeting Agenda

  1. I agree with Yuko-san.
    I miss SVJETS.

    It’s great that your minutes are bi-lingual!!!


  2. Thanks All! definetly worth doing I think! Gives people out side of the club a chance to see how some of the speeches go. My only gripe is MR. Utsumi san’s speeches in Japanese are very challenging to translate some times because they are so Japanese ^_^;!

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