2009-04-02 Agenda

  • Absent:
  • Guests:


  • 19:00-20:00 English
    • Toastmaster: Chase
    • Thought of the Day:Katoko Sax
    • General Evaluator: Kaz
    • Timer: Makoto
    • Grammarian: Kazunori
    • Ah Counter: Hiroshi
  • Speaker #1: Akemi
    • Project:
    • Manual: Basic
    • Title: Death Valley NP
    • Time: – 5-7 min
    • Evaluator #1: Naoki Hada (CL manual#2)
  • Speaker #2: Chase
    • Project: #3
    • Manual: Competent Communication
    • Title:
    • Time: – 5-7 min
    • Evaluator #2:Kaz Utsumi
  • Speaker #3:
    • Project:
    • Manual:
    • Title:
    • Time: 5-7 min
    • Evaluator #3:
  • Speaker #4 (back-up):
    • Project:#
    • Manual:
    • Title:
    • Time: –
    • Evaluator #4:
  • Table Topics Master: Kaz Utsumi, Debate Style:Should GM and Chrysler be bankrupted?


  • 20:00-21:00 Japanese
    • Toastmaster: Mayumi
    • Thought of the Day:
    • General Evaluator: Katoko
    • Timer: Jun
    • Grammarian: Naoki Hada (CL manual #1)
    • Ah Counter: Akemi
  • Speaker #1:Kazunori
    • Project: 3 – “Make them Laugh”
    • Manual: Entertaining Speaker
    • Title: Speed dating  て何?
    • Time: 5ー7 min
    • Evaluator #1: Makoto
  • Speaker #2:
    • Project:
    • Manual:
    • Title:
    • Time: – min
    • Evaluator #2:
  • Speaker #3:
    • Project: #1
    • Manual:
    • Title:
    • Time:  min
    • Evaluator #3:
  • Speaker #4 (back-up): Chase
    • Project:#
    • Manual: Competent Toastmasters
    • Title: Eat that frog
    • Time: –
    • Evaluator #4:
  • Table Topics Master:


Minutes from April 2 2009

Guest: Miki-san , Wataru-san, Takeshi-san, Judy-san

English session

Thought of the Day (Katoko–San)

Parabol on Automobile Companies today: 車業界の例え話。

USA team had 7 steering 1 rower on team. Japan had 1 steering and 7 rowing. USA lost.

They restructure team and put 4 managers, 3 section managers and 1 rower, but they gave all sorts of incentives to the rower, but they lost again.. they fired the rower and sole the team


Speaker #1: Akemi-san

Speech #1 : Death Valley NP デス バレー

Trip Schedule overview 旅のシケジュール

Bad Water バッド ワーター

Artist Palet アーチスト パレット

o Very Colorful 色さまざま

o Filsm such as Indiana Jones and Planet of the apes filmed here インデイ ジョンズ や 猿の惑星 映画 のロケに使われた所

Furnace creek Camp ファーナス クリク キヤンプ

o Need SUV to survive SUVなしでは生きて出れない

Titus Canyon タイトス谷

Ghost Town 幽霊町

Fall Canyon フオル谷

Side winder Trail サイドウァインダートレイル

Ubehebe Crater ウヘビヘ クレイター

Race track レイストラック

Manzana War relocation camp マンザナール強制収容所

Mt Witney ウィトニ山

Conclusion まとめ

o Recommend Four Canyon 4カ二ヨン おすすめ!

Speaker #2: Chase- san

Speech #2: Nuclear power 原子力

Need more education on nuclear power もっと原子力に関する知識が必要

No new power plants built in 30 years in US アメリカでは新しい原子力発電所は30年間建設されてない

Why US is not building anymore plants 何故建設されないのでしょうか?

o Safety 安全性

o Pollution 環境汚染心配

2 accidents at fault in 30 years 過去30年に事故は二回ありました

o 3 mile island ( no real damage) スリーマイル島原子力発電所事故

o Chernobyl チェルノブイリ原子力発電所事故

Where are we going with nuclear power 現在のアメリカの原子力の現状

o USA 103 plants but only 21% of power アメリカでは103原子力発電所ありアメリカの21%エネルギー発電してる。

o France 77 plants provides 77% of power フランスでは77原子力発電所ありフランスの77%エネルギー発電してる

Pollution 環境汚染

o Coal is very dirty 石炭は汚い

o Wind not ready yet 風力はまだ力不足

Call for action if you Don’t want to be chained to OPEC call your congressman and push for nuclear! もしOPECの言いなりになりたくないなら州議員を連絡して原子力発電所の建設を支持してください。

Table Topic (Utsumi-san)

Debate format: Should GM and Chrysler be bailed out?


Q: Argument for bailout 金融支援賛成の意見

A: Makoto-san – There a lot of other smaller companies associated with the automobile industry. Ripple effects would be very disasterous for the industry


Q: Argument against bailout金融支援反対の意見

A: Hiroshi-san – Its our money. There are many other automobile companies emerging from other markets. If the big 3 are still around other companies may not get a chance to emerge from their shadow.


Q: Argument for bailout金融支援賛成の意見

A: Mayumi-san – If they go bankrupt its not good for the economy because all these funds have already inversted heavily into the industry


Q: Argument against bailout金融支援反対の意見

A: Katokosan – Its against capitalism! Just as we teach our children.. responsibility must be taken


Japanese Session

Speaker #3: Kaz Kushida – kun

Speech #3: What is Speed dating? Speed Datingて何?

Explanation of system システムの説明

o A little like goukon but with more structure 合コンみたいだけどちょつと基礎がある。

o Limited time to talk 限られた時間ないしか話せない。

o IF there is a match from both sides then you get contact information もし両方からマッチがあれば 連絡内容を教えてもらう

Personal Experience 体験談

o Tag Team speed dating event イベントはタッグチーム式Speed Dating

o Each team is set of two friends (one team would be two guys other two girls) チームは友達で構成されています。(1チームは男子二人1チームは女子二人)

o 6 minutes per team there were 15 groups 会話は6分間で計15組

o Was like hour and a half of table topics テイブルトピクスを1時間半やってるみたいでかなりしんどい

o A Little flawed, since no body could really remember each other from the event. ちょつと問題ありかも。。あまりにも大勢の人と短時間話したのでだれもだれか覚えていない。


o Would do it again results are a little bit of a mixed bag.


Table Topics (Kaz Utsumi-san)

Q: What US has but Japan doesn’t have: Day light saving how do you think it will affect things?

Q:アメリカにあって日本にないもの:夏時間 もし日本にあったら?

Takeshi-san: Its confusing.. I still get confused about it. In Japan they may make workers work longer hours since the sun doesn’t go down till later.


Kaz Utsumi-san: Perhaps biggest benefactor would be golf players?


Q: What US has but Japan doesn’t have: American Dream How do you think it will affect things?

Q:アメリカにあって日本にないもの:アメリカン ドリーム

Wataru-san: I think it is good unlike Japan, it seems that if you work hard and are a little lucky you can move up on the world.


Q: What do you think about Obama patchwork from a Japanese perspective ?

Q: あなたはObama氏の話すPatchWorkを日本人からの視点からみてどうおもいますか?

Judy-san: not sure .. sorry ごめんなさい。。意味わかりません。

Q: What does Japan have that the USA lacks?


Katoko-san: Omoiyari? Kokorozukai? Tatemae


Q: What does Japan have that the USA lacks?


Jun-san : Iced Cofee, Its hard to get because its uncommon here but we could probably get it with enough hand gesturing probably.. but it is becoming more and more common.



3 thoughts on “2009-04-02 Agenda

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  2. It’s great to see the bilingual minutes.
    Great job, Kaz-san!

    I was able to learn a lot from them.
    I would like to ask the similar questions you did in the table topics session, in my club.
    They sound very interesting.

    Also it’s good to learn how you translate.
    It was interesting to see that “results are a little bit of a mixed bag” was translated to “ちょっといまいちかな.” We can learn many expressions from both sides.


  3. Hi Kyo-san


    I generally take notes of the speeches in English (because english is my 1st language and I can generally translate in my head Japanese->English much faster than English->Japanese) and if there are terms that are not easily translated I generally write it down in Japanese so I can look it up later. (Kaz Utsumi-san’s japanese speeches are loaded with hard words so its a challenge ^_^; )

    This generally works well but it is a bit of a challenge to juggle other roles (such as evaluator) and take notes at the same time.

    yeah for the mixed bag translation I couldn’t really think what would be a good translation.
    “ちょっといまいちかな.” translates more into “well it could have worked out better” But I think I wanted to say it was a mix of good and bad. Know of any good totowaza for that?

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