Attendees: Trace, Kaz, Ernest, Nobuyo, Mayumi, Kanami, Naoki, Mitsuko, Michael
Guests: Dustin, Vu, Will, Jeff

19:00-20:00 : English
Toastmaster: Michael
General Evaluator: Ernest
Timer: Kaz
Grammarian: Ernest
Ah Counter: Kanami

Speaker #1: Mitsuko
Project: #2 – Speaking in Praise
Manual: Adv Comm – Special Occasion Speeches
Title:       “The Death of Common Sense”
Time:       5 ~ 7 minutes
Evaluator #1: Will

Speaker #2: Naoki Hada
Project: Speech to inform
Manual: Speaking to Inform
Title: “Technique of Happiness”
Time: 5-7 min
Evaluator #2: Kaz

Speaker #3: Trace
Project: #2
Manual:  CC
Title:  “Burglary Prevention Basics”
Time: 5-7min
Evaluator #3: Mayumi


20:00-21:00 Japanese
Toastmaster: Mitsuko
General Evaluator: Kanami
Timer: Trace
Grammarian: Mayumi
Ah Counter: Ernest

Speaker 1: Michael
Project: #3-Get to the Point
Manual: Competent Communication
Title: “Making Business Travel Easier”
Time:  5-7 min
Evaluator #1:Nobuyo

Speaker #2: Kaz Utsumi
Project: #
Evaluator #2: Mayumi