Attendees: Jun, Ryosuke, Hiroshi, Ernest, Naoki, Chase, Omata, Mitsuko, Mayumi, Nobuyo, Kaz, Trace, Julie, Akemi and Michael
Guests: Jerry, Dustin and Hiromi

19:00-20:00 : Japanese
Toastmaster: Hiroshi
General Evaluator: Kaz
Timer: Trace
Grammarian: Mayumi
Ah Counter: Akemi

Speaker #1: Michael
Project: #5-Your Body Speaks
Manual: Competent Communication Manual
Title: “Traveling Economically”
Time: 5-7min
Evaluator #1: Jun

Speaker #2: Mitsuko
Project: #1 Mastering the Toast/3 The Roast
Manual: Specialty Speeches
Title: “A Roasting Toast to SVJETS Presidents”
Time: Total 5-8 (Toast 2-3, Roast 3-5)
Evaluator #2: Nobuyo

Speaker #3: Naoki Hada
Project: #2 Resources for Informing
Manual: Speak to inform
Title: “The secret everyone love to know about Human Relationship”
Time: 5 – 7 min
Evaluator #3: Omata


20:00-21:00 English

Toastmaster: Akemi
General Evaluator: Mayumi
Timer: Nobuyo
Grammarian: Julie
Ah Counter: Trace

Speaker #1: Chase
Project: #7
Manual: Competent Communication Manual
Title: “Secret Fuel”
Time: 5-7min
Evaluator #1: Michael

Speaker #2: Ernest
Project: #10
Manual: Competent Communication Manual
Title: “Carpe Diem”
Time: 8-10min
Evaluator #2: Omata

Table Topics: Kaz