Attendees: Akemi, Ryosuke, Hiroshi, Nobuyo, Julie, Ernest, Naoki, Rie, Mayumi, Kaz, Trace, Mitsuko, Michael

Guests: Kay, Takeshi, Junya

19:00-20:00 : Japanese
Toastmaster: Ernest
General Evaluator: Kaz
Timer: Julie
Grammarian: Nobuyo
Ah Counter: Trace

Speaker #1: Naoki Hada
Project: #7 Research your topic
Manual: Basic
Title: “Toastmasters and SVJETS benefit”
Time: 5-7 min
Evaluator #1: Akemi

Speaker #2: Hiroshi
Project: #5 Enhancing a Technical Talk with the Internet
Manual: Advanced Communication Manual-Technical Presentation
Title: “Thinking Device”
Time: 12-15min
Evaluator #2: Michael

Table Topics: Mayumi


20:00-21:00 :English

Toastmaster: Michael
General Evaluator: Ernest
Timer: Nobuyo
Grammarian: Trace
Ah Counter: Hiroshi

Speaker #1: Rie
Project: #10 Inspire Your Audience
Manual: Competent Communication
Title: “When Another Door Opens”
Time: 8 – 10 min.
Evaluator #1: Ryosuke

Speaker #2:   Mitsuko
Project:          #1 Toast
Manual:          Adv Comm
Title:               “SVJETS”
Time:              2-3 minutes
Evaluator #2: Julie

Table Topics: Akemi