Attendees: Akemi, Rie, Nobuyo, Chase, Omata, Mitsuko, Kaz K, Takahashi, Kaz U, Ernest, Trace, Kanami, Ryosuke, Sab, Michael
Guests: Takeshi, Naomi, Cesaer, Angela
Absents: Naoki

19:00-20:00 : English

Toastmaster: Jun
General Evaluator: Takahashi
Timer: Omata
Grammarian: Mitsuko
Ah Counter: Trace

Speaker #1 : Akemi
Project: #3 Manage and motivate
Manual: Speeches by management
Title: “What is your TM goal for 2012?”
Time: 10-12 min
Evaluator #1: Mayumi

Speaker #2: Chase
Title: “The Hike”
Time: 5-7min
Evaluator #2: Kaz K

Table Topics: Sab “English Pronunciation”


20:00-21:00 : Japanese

Toastmaster: Ryosuke
General Evaluator: Kaz U
Timer: Trace
Grammarian: Akemi
Ah Counter: Mitsuko

Speaker #1 : Michael
Project: #6 Vocal Variety
Manual: Competent Communication
Title: “Making Powerpoint come alive”
Time: 5-7min
Evaluator #1: Kanami

Speaker #2: Kazunori Omata
Project: #3 Get to the point
Manual: Competent Communication
Title: “日の目を見る”
Time: 5-7min
Evaluator #2: Nobuyo

Table Topics: Kazunori Kushida
Introduced “Based on this topic, give me three reasons why you responded this way”